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The American Negro is becoming more organization conscious with each succeeding generation. A large number of organizations are founded as a means of protest against certain evils which the Negro believes should be combatted through group activity. Others are formed for social, religious, political, or economic improvement and have become a distinct and component part of our American heritage. However, it is interesting to note how the Negro has patterned certain organizations after those of whites and merely prefixed or suffixed the name of the group or organization with the word "Negro." It is with this imitated phase of Institutional organization that we take cognizance of the events and conditions instrumental in the development of the Negro chamber of commerce movement in Texas. There is a direct relationship between the transition of certain factions or elements of our population and the development and expansion of businesses which in turn creates an atmosphere for the emergence of a chamber of commerce. The desires, aspirations, and previous experience of migrants moving into a new community add cultural, institutional, and economic development of any Consequently, this "new Negro" moving into the cities of Texas with a zeal to improve his conditions economically, educationally, and politically undertook through the organization, the realization of this needs and ambitions. He was not accepted as an integral part of the white organizations, so he aped the white chambers of commerce and other civic organizations which in many instances are endorsed and encouraged by the white chambers of commerce in his city.

This study purports to interpret the development of the Negro chamber of commerce movement in Texas by;

(1) Analysing the consciousness of the group who comprise the membership of the Negro chamber of commerce movement in Texas.

(2) Discussing the leadership which has evolved from the chamber of commerce movement,

(2) Ascertaining the value of the Negro chamber of commerce value in relation to the discipline within the group.

With the foregoing objectives In mind, I have set myself to the task of presenting a comprehensive analysis of the Negro chamber of commerce movement in Texas,

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Henry A. Bullock


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