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This study attempts to recognize achievement as including both the curricular attainment, as shown by academic "marks", end the active social participation in the activity program of the school. Consequently it attempts to determine what, if any, relationship exists between achievement, as interpreted in this study, and the inherent capacities and personality adjustments of 228 pupils of Jack Yates Senior High School, Houston, Texas.

This study further seeks to assemble accurate and diagnostic data, identified as a result of the investigation, which shall be analyzed in the light of the following questions: 1. Can achievement be measured by a single score, grade or category? 2. To what extent is achievement conditioned by intelligence? 3. To whet extent do personality patterns influence achievement? 4. What degree of correlation exists between achievement end general intelligence? 5. What degree of correlation exists between achievement and personality patterns?

To those who seek improvement in educational practices and policies this study appears significant for the following reasons: 1. Educational achievement should be recognized in the light of recent trends and changes in educational thought. 2. Evaluation of achievement should be less concerned with a record which shows character of performance than with one that shows evidence of growth. 3. Achievement is capable of being conditioned by other factors than those of scholastic data. 4. Since it is imperative that pupil achievement be brought into a sharper focus, especially in the minds of those who are responsible for it in the nation's schools, answers to the questions found in the proceeding section will serve to arrest the attention of educators who are interested in the individual learner. 5. The material and data presented in the study may serve as an incentive for other writers to plan more intensive investigations than the present one.

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