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The problem of this study arises out of the continuous interest in the teaching of history as a vital part of the social studies offering in the public schools of the nation. As the study of William G. Kimmel grew out of a desire to see where the social studies stood in the secondary schools, and as Edgar B. Wesley and others re-examined the teaching of American history in the schools and colleges, the writer shall attempt to examine the methods of teaching history in the Seventeen High Schools for Negroes in Texas Accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools.

It shall be the aim of this study: (1) To present a brief historical background of the teaching of history in the public schools; (2) To survey the methods of teaching history employed in these schools by observation and questionnaire; (3) To ascertain the material and equipment available to the teachers for the purpose of implementing their methods of instruction; (4) To see if the teachers are utilizing the community resources in relation with the teaching processes and procedures; (5) To ascertain the preparation of the teachers who are teaching history in the schools; (6) To compare the Texas Course of Study's aims in the social sciences and history with the aims of courses of study of other states in the United States; (7) To make recommendations for the teaching of history.

To develop this study, there has been several limitations placed on this subject. First, the discussion has been restricted to the period from September, 1951 to May, 1952. Second, the number of schools for this study is the Seventeen High Schools for Negroes in Texas Accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. Third, the data that will be covered in this study were supplied by twenty-three out of a total of forty-five teachers of history employed in the seventeen schools who responded to the questionnaire. Personal observation of thirty class periods and seventeen libraries completed the data.

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