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Undergraduate Thesis

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Bachelor of Arts

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Arts and Science


The purpose of this study is to show the significance of the following four principle biological factors to the social sciences as they affect the United States. These are first, reproduction and fecundity which are the processes of maintaining the human species by the transmission of life from one individual to a succession of new ones.^" Second, heredity, the tendency of all species to reproduce offspring after its own kind; the transmission of genetic factors from parents to offspring. Third, variation, which is the tendency of the members of any species to varying one from another. Fourth, natural selection, or the survival of the fittest. By this term is meant the more rapid elimination of the less fit and the more general survival of the fit. By the term "fit" is meant adapted, or those suited to survive given conditions.

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T.R. Soloman

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S.E. Warren


Prairie View State Normal And Industrial College


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