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Since it is recognized that the fundamental operations of arithmetic are essential to one in our society, and since it is agreed that one cannot succeed in his everyday life without the knowledge of arithmetic skills, it becomes of great importance that the teacher should put forth every effort in helping pupils acquire these basic skills. How can a classroom teacher do an effective job of teaching number readiness as a means of social development of first-grade children?

The problem of teaching is to effect learning, to develop ability, to adjust to the demands of new problems composed of both familiar and new elements. When there is a good method of teaching, children progress through the mastery of concepts, principles, and process to the way of thinking in terms of numbers. The teacher must know where the children are and make that the starting point in any developmental instruction. It is only in this way that classroom activities can be controlled so that there will be normal and systematic growth on the part of the learner.

Arithmetic facts taught in the first grade lay the foundation for future work and progress in the advanced grades. During the past several years, methods and procedures in classroom instruction have undergone considerable changes, especially in the primary grades.4 It seems that the effect of new concepts has been greatest upon arithmetic. This is especially noticeable with the teaching of the combinations. The main purpose of this study is to present methods of instruction which have been found to be of greatest value in the teaching of arithmetic that lead to social development in the first grade.

This study will be concerned with the teaching of arithmetic on the first grade level. It is intended that this study will aid teachers, administrators, and laymen who are interested in the teaching of arithmetic, as it relates to social developments of children. Most of the information pertinent to the development of this study was obtained from books, periodicals, and questionnaires.

4Ibid., p. 76.

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