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In teaching music appreciation, the problem is to keep the child interested in the composition long enough to become familiar with it. Participating in a rhythmic activity naturally holds his attention in order that he may know how and when to respond. He doesn't have to be forced into listening but listens in order to know what to do next to express himself; the music is his guide.

Listening would be valuable in meeting the needs of all children. All children need to participate in music in some way. A few children are able to play instruments, others are able to sing well, but all are able to participate in listening.

Moreover, since music itself is an ever-changing idiom, constant change takes place in its presentation. It is the purpose of this study to stress the importance of the listening lesson and the significant benefits that can be derived therefrom. This study will also deal with the methods of presentation used in the teaching of the listening lesson. Although children have varying abilities, every child has a capacity for the enjoyment of music. Listening to beautiful music is one of the means by which a child can derive pleasure. However, certain knowledge must be acquired, and necessary skills must be taught to aid in the child's development and appreciation of music.

It is the purpose of this study (1) to place emphasis on the importance and the need of the listening lesson and, (2) to provide basic examples of materials of instruction that can be used to implement the use of controlled listening in the fourth, fifth, and sixth grades of the elementary school; and (3) to suggest a plan for teaching music appreciation through the use of controlled listening.

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R. Von Charleston


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