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Upon approaching the time for writing a thesis as a partial requirement for graduation, it was felt lay the writer that research should be done in an area which would promote improvement in his local community. After giving several subjects adequate consideration and discussing the idea with various agencies, it was revealed that industry has had a tremendous effect on agriculture in Bowie county. Therefore, the writer was encouraged by these findings to do further research in this particular area. According to Meine the greatest source of the world's food supply in times of peach as well as in war, agriculture in the United States merits a thorough study. The growth of agriculture throughout our country*s history records the native spirit of progress. While European agriculture was preoccupied with the breakup of old and worn-out lands, the Europeans who landed eat the shores of the New World found spread before them vast areas of untouched, fertile soil. Much of it was not ready for the plow boulders, underbrush and trees had to be removed before crops could be planted. Establishing a food supply was the first problem in this the colonists were helped by the Indians, who gave them food and showed them how to plant such native crops as com, pumpkins, and squash. European crops, such as wheat, oats, and barley were planted later, livestock was brought from Europe to found new herds in the new world. Because of the distance from Europe and the difficulties of transportation in the colonies, most of the s tilers, especially in the first years, had to provide themselves with nearly everything they needed. From their land, they obtained their food material for their clothing was supplied from flocks of sheep and fields of cotton or flax. Honey and maple sap gave the sugar, and for strong drink, they made their own whiskey and cider.

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