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If there is to be effective cooperation by educators and laymen in a public school relations program, their efforts and understanding must be mutual. One of the reasons school support is often inadequate or is grudgingly given by citizens is due to their lack of knowledge in regard to what takes place in the public schools. In designing a program for the improvement of public relations in Hebert High School, it is the desire and wish of the writer to create mutual understanding and an experience in effective teamwork between the community and school by informing the public of the school, its policies, and objectives. Then, once this groundwork is laid, genuine cooperation between the public and school is established. Macauley states that "Men are never so likely to settle a question rightly as when they discuss it freely". J. M. Hickey1 gives the purpose of public school relations in the following statements:

1. To inform the public about the work of the schools.

2. To establish confidence in the schools.

3. To rally support for proper maintenance of the educational program.

4. To develop awareness of the importance of education in a democracy.

5. To improve the partnership concept by uniting parents and teachers in meeting the educational needs of children.

6. To integrate the home, the school, community in improving educational opportunities for all children.

7. To evaluate the offerings of the schools in meeting the needs of the children in the community.

8. To correct misunderstandings as to the aims and objectives of the schools.

Through a program of interpretation and cooperation, the writer will seek to establish mutual understanding and effective teamwork between the public and his school.

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