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The purpose of this study is to provide a comprehensive clarification as to the role of the Negro slave in the plantation economy of Cherokee County and the extent to which the slave penetrated the socio-economic life of the county. This study will endeavor to give the reader an unbias opinion as to what was the economic value of the slave in the plantation economy of the county by applying the scientific method to the following questions: 1. What were the commercial laws regulating the handling of slaves? 2. How was slavery introduced into the territory that is now Cherokee County? 3. What was the role of the slave in the original acquisition of land? 4. What was the most reliable source of liquid capital for the plantation owner in events of emergency? 5. What was the actual value of the slave in relation to age and sex? 6. What was the actual value of the slave in comparison to the value and price of land, rendering of taxes, and other property? 7. How did the slave penetrate the socio-economic life of the county? 8. Why was there a continued manifestation of interest in the maintenance of slavery despite contentions that slavery was non-profitable?

The scope of this study begins in 1846, because this is the date marking the creation and organization of Cherokee County. Since the date of organization, the county has kept a concise and detailed record of all documents and records.

The culminating date for this study is 1860, because this shows the date when slavery began to assume proportions which threatened the security of the southern plantation owner.

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