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Judged by outstanding characteristics of policy and economy the history of the development of the San Antonio Public School System which this study will consider falls into three general periods. The first extends from the appointment of Superintendents Charles J. Lufkin (1908-1914) and Charles S. Meeks (1915-1920). The second period extends from 1920-1930 with the appointment of Superintendents Jerimah Rhodes (1920-1925), Marshall Johnson (1925-1929), and Hartley (1929-1931). The third covers the years since the appointment of Superintendents Chester J. Cochran in 1931-1938 and Iziah E. Stutsman to the present time. To be sure, no sharp division separates these periods; the fixing of exact dates is an arbitrary action and is accompanied by a warning against accepting them as more than conveniences. Nor were the features of the first age all destroyed in the second, or the features of the first and second in the third. There have been siftings and accumulations, borrowings and modifications, survivals and mergers, now incorporated in the San Antonio Public School System today.

Any institution or movement can be fully understood, and appreciated only if its antecedents or origins are known. The organization and activities of the San Antonio public schools today can be understood best if we know the influences leading up to the present system. Therefore, the problem of this study is to determine what are the factors and influences responsible for the present status of the Negro Elementary Schools of San Antonio.

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