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During recent years renewed emphasis has been brought to bear on the importance of the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and disciplines to cope with the fast moving, highly complex American socio-economic system. Technical advances in most all fields of endeavor have brought about a need for competent and skilled employees. People who have not kept abreast of changes and who have not taken advantage of opportunities to acquire formal or informal training are finding themselves without satisfactory employment, and in some instances, without employment at all. Self-employed individuals, such as farm people, are finding it necessary to acquire certain skills in order that they may efficiently operate their businesses in a competetive climate such as is evident in our capitalistic way of life.

Thereby, education becomes a factor in the maintenance of desirable family levels of living. Education, also is a factor which either limits or increases the sharing of the abundance of goods and services available to the American consumer. In consideration of these national facts and trends, this study is proposed to determine if and to what extent education affects standards of living of the farm and rural non-farm families of Bowie County, Texas. This study, also, is intended to compare the relative differences in educational attainment and in the levels of living of the two (2) segments of the county population.

Although an attempt will be made to seek out and identify certain facts relating to the educational status of farm families and rural non-farm families and compare these facts with the levels of living of the families, no attempt will be made to propose solutions to problems that are presented. The value of this study will be in the stating of the facts as they apply to the families involved, in comparing the levels of living of farm and rural non-farm families and in determining if the educational levels of the farm and rural non-farm families, involved in the study, influence their living standards.

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