The Negro Potential Challenges in Businesses of Texarkana, Arkansas - Texas

Ermer Jean Dansby, Prairie View A&M College


The purpose of this study was to analyze conditions which exist in Northeast Texas and Western Arkansas with regard to the operation of businesses by Negroes, and to determine what factors exist in relation to their competitive status with businesses operated by others.

Negro businesses, in many parts of the country, may be said to have enjoyed a favored position to some extent In the past due to clearly defined segregation policies, or other factors. Today, Negro businesses find themselves engaged in competition with businesses operated by members of other races where it becomes necessary for Negro businessmen to become more actively engaged in practices more generally found in this country. This study assumes importance as it reviews the current status of a number of Negro businesses in Texarkana (Arkansas and Texas), and recommends practices which would improve their competitive status in the business world.

This study is primarily concerned with the status of a number of Negro businesses in Texarkana, Arkansas-Texas, and those procedures which would appear to contribute most toward the improvement of their competitive status in that area.