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The problem of this thesis is to prove that the organization of the program of study in the Colored Elementary Schools of Goose Creek is not sufficient to meet the needs of children in the fourth and fifth grades of today.

This study includes the fourth and fifth grades of the fourth and fifth grades of the Colored Elementary Schools of Goose Creek.

Several important factors contribute to the need for curriculum study and adjustment in the Colored Elementary Schools of Goose Creek. An analysis of modern life reveals new problems education must face. Change is the mode of the modern social order. New conceptions of the responsibilities of education in social progress are evolving. An expanding science of psychology and a more fundamental philosophy of education contribute to greater efficiency in educational procedures. This program of study, proposed for the fourth and fifth grades of the Colored Elementary Schools of Goose Creek, is a response to the recognition of these needs.

The striking contrast between the attendance of white and Negro pupils, is as great as the difference in the buildings used by these two races.

The program of the school is gravely in need of revision, unification, and enrichment. The use of visual education offers a splendid opportunity for pupil growth and plays a very important part in the instructional program of today's modern elementary school. Much of the progress of the school depends upon adequate facilities. This phase of the program has been greatly neglected.

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A. C. Preston


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