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Statement of the Problem.— Farmers in Washington County are failing to obtain and use credit properly. Since this is true, the following situations are happening in the county (1) Annually, farmers who are depending primarily on the farms as a means of making a living find theming to obtain and use credit properly. situations are happening in the county: selves making a living, with no means of enlarging their farming operations, due to the fact that they do not have any money; (2) farm boys are dropping out of school, going to the Array and to the larger cities before finishing high school in order to obtain capital for better living; (3) failure of the farmers to obtain capital has resulted in low production and run-down homesteads, causing fanners to say that farmers cannot make any money from farming; (it) in many instances, farmers are resorting to other jobs, giving rise to the term part-time farming.

Justification—There is a definite need for adequate credit to be extended to the Negro farmers in Washington County, Texas. The 1945 United States Census of Agriculture stated that there were 950 Negro farm operators, but in 1950 this figure had dropped to 832, a decrease in the five-year period of 118 farm operators.

A study conducted by the Washington County Farm Bureau in 1952 pointed out that a majority of the farm operators who were forced to leave the farm did so not because they did not like farming but because their farms were too small to provide an adequate income for the family, and that a majority of them were unable to get sufficient credit to buy more land and operating capital that was needed in order to expand their agricultural production. It is ray belief that on the results of my findings there is a definite need for a sound credit program in Washington County, Texas.

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