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III Southeast Texas, In the eastern part of Newton County, there is a school district known as Burkeville Independent School District. This district boasts of a population of approximately seven hundred and has an economy that is mainly agrarian in nature. The second-ranking Industry is the timber Industry. The main farm products are corn, cotton, potatoes, garden vegetables, sorghum, sugar cane, and melons. In this school district, there are large family units, each having from five to fourteen members. There is a consolidated school, and children fromm eight surrounding communities commute daily by school buses, A large percentage finish high school but there are absentees shown in the principal's office by boys and girls who stay home to assist with duties of the home and farm work. This is because the father is the chief wage earner and the budget must be planned wisely in order that the family may be properly fed, clothed, and a few of the available modern conveniences enjoyed. A favorable social and economic environment for farm people is an essential factor in the development of an efficient agricultural program. Franklin says "To readjust agriculture and place it upon a basis of greater profit, to reconstruct the rural home, and to give country life more dignity was the main purpose A. D. Graham had In mind when he organised 4-H Club work for boys and girls In the State of Ohio in 1905."

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