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Part-time farming in a broad sense has always been present to some extent. From ancient times those who lived by the sea or by seasonal or intermittent occupations, such as lumbering, mining, and fishing, have operated small farms. In recent years, especially since 1930, part-time farming has been given much thought and consideration. The number of part-time farms increased by perhaps 2/3 from 1930-1950. The Whitehouse Community part-time farmers are those farm people who work and draw part of their income from industrial employment. According to the 1950 United States Census, those were classified as part-time farms, whose operators spent 150 days or more at work in 1929 for pay at jobs not connected with their farms, or reported an occupation other than farming provided the value of products of the farm did not exceed $750.00. We may compare this q definition with the one found in the U. S. Census, which states that part-time farms are farms with a value of sales of $250.00 to $1,119.00 provided the operator reported 100 or more days off the farm in 1949 or (2) the non-farm income received by him and his family was greater than the products sold. The latter part of the second definition might serve the purpose of this study more adequately because in some cases the income might exceed that listed in the definition, but the latter part would prevail.


The farmers in the Whitehouse Community during the period from 1949 to 1959 have combined their farming with industrial employment. This has brought about certain changes and the writer entered upon this study to determine to what extent this farming and industrial use of labor has affected the living standard of the farm families in this community. The writer feels that the findings point up some implications that might suggest more effective use of the part-time farms or further development of the same.

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