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It has been pointed out that the colored high schools in Gregg county have not improved as they should have since the discovery of oil.

It is the desire of the writer to study the conditions of the schools before the oil boom and note the progress made since oil was discovered in 1930.

The following questions have been responsible for this study: 1. How does the present economic status of Gladewater and Kilgore High Schools compare with the status prior to 1930? 2. What relative comparison might be made so far as curriculum development? 3. To what extent has the boom influenced the enrollment and attendance of Negro students? 4. What comparison may be made in regard to teacher preparation? 5. How does the present salary scale compare with that prior to 1930? 6. What are some of the possible job openings for Negroes? How is the school meeting the challenge?

The main purpose of this study is to trace the chronological development of the schools from its inception to the present time, to evaluate the influences that have been responsible for the growth of the schools and to determine which school has received the greatest benefit from the discovery of oil.

The scope of this thesis includes the facts of the Kilgore and Gladewater schools from 1910-1949.

The discovery of oil and the effect of the discovery of oil on the Negro schools' property of Gregg county.

This thesis shall contain such recommendations as will establish a better program for youth in the schools studies.

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