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It was the purpose of this study (1) to determine the bookkeeping methods used in high school bookkeeping classes in selected schools in the State of Texas. (2) To determine what types of bookkeeping methodology have been used with different units in the bookkeeping textbook (3) To determine which methods employed in teaching the different units have added "realism" to the course and, therefore, enhanced the learning process. (4) To determine if the methods employed in the teaching of the different units will tend to make the "learning" permanent.

Definition of Terms Used

In this paper, there will be a few terms used that will not familiar to the average reader. The more significant ones will be defined.

Method. A procedure used to enrich the learning experience.

Discussion Method. Where a group explores a topic, question, or problem, and individual opinions are expressed or heard.

Lecture Method. Where the teacher talks and the students listen. Textbook-recitation Method. Where the teacher assigns readings in a textbook and the students recite what they have read.

The Demonstration Method. Where teacher shows how to do something and the students watch him do it.

The Socratic Method. Where the teacher develops concepts and thinking by students through developmental questioning.

The Project Method. The project method accomplishes learning by having students develop a plan or course of action related to the subject matter being used.

The Simulated Office Plan Teaching. This is a plan whereby a type of office, common to the local community, which the subsequent work in the classroom is to represent and simulate, is decided upon.

The Laboratory Method. This is a plan whereby experiments in bookkeeping are carried on in the classroom.

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Robert G. Emit

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Connally Shelter Garrett

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Connally Shelter Garrett


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