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The primary purpose of the public secondary school is to enable the learner to understand functionally the meanings and implications of our democratic way of life. Business education when rightfully discussed or understood should contribute to the general education of the student, and provide vocational fitness for those persons possessing acquired abilities for a vocational career. The business curriculum must be revised in accordance with the current needs. Douglass High School is located in Pittsburg, Texas with a population of about 10,000. Presently enrolled in the school are about 350 students. The locale is considered to be one of the most prosperous areas in the state for oil and cattle. Within this area, there are three privately owned, four-year Negro Colleges, a state-supported junior college for Negroes which are centrally located and make it possible for a larger percentage of Negro students to attend college. A number of these students choose some phase of business as their area of specialization.

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Statement of the Problem. Is the business curriculum of the Douglass High School meeting the needs of its graduates? In order to solve this problem, it has been divided into several more manageable sub-problems. They are: (1) Is the present curriculum fitting them to take the jobs open to them? (2) Is it preparing them for further education? (3) Is it necessary for them to obtain additional training in some other institution? (4) Do they secure employment in their own community within a reasonable length of time? This study has as its primary purpose the improvement of the business department in the service it is rendering to the youth of this community. It is the belief of the investigator that a follow-up study as a groundwork for curriculum revision would be a valuable contribution toward meeting the needs of the youth in this community. Importance of the Study. This study was made of 160 graduates of Douglass High School, Pittsburg, Texas. It will point out suggestions for improving the business education program now in existence, and it will serve as a source of information for persons interested in the improvement of instruction in business subjects. It is assumed that some of the outcomes of this study will be (1) to determine the extent to which the present business curriculum is meeting the needs of its students, (2) to provide better guidance for those still in school thus direct improvement of instruction for present and future students, (3) to learn whether or not graduates are able to secure jobs in this community and whether they are well prepared for their initial job.

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W. C. Brown


Prairie View Agricultural and Mechanical College


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