Africanization In Nigeria A Stimulus To Constitutional Evolution 1947-1954

Daniel Nwanne Nwadiei, Prairie View A&M College


British from the control of the colony, that when time is ripe for the colony's self-government the British will not lose, but remain in the goodwill ethical, economic, and political advantages. An American visitor to Nigeria and England stated that under a federal constitution promulgated in 1951? Nigeria seems to be driving hard toward self-government, along the same boisterous lines as its rival neighbor, Prime Minister Nkrumah's Gold Coast, and that Nigeria by all indications will gain her independence by 1956. In 1948 Herbert Morrison, Lord President said: "We must wipe out the word exploitation and put it among the antiques with 'Piracy' and 'Slavery. The question remains are the British still exploiting Nigeria or has she stopped to give way to the dawn of Nigeria's self-government? In 1948 the spokesmen out of the delegates from Nigeria to the London, Conference did not waste time in stating the Nigerians' grievances, Oba Aderemi and the Oni of Ife stated that Nigeria needs higher prices for her products, more speed in carrying out development plans, equipment, more capital, more technical experts, more consumer goods, better food, good water supply, and self-government, now. South Africa's Stern Old Prime Minister, Daniel Malan, in 1953 called Gold Coast and Nigeria experiment "ridiculous"and "a disastrous step for Africa