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It is not new for great teachers to address their words to mature minds; they have always done thus since the days of Buddha and Socrates. However, Studebaker in his book "The American Way; points out that adult education as an organized social movement is comparatively new in American life. He says, "The great importance of the movement at present is due to the increasing co-operation between public and volunteer agencies for the general betterment of the intellectual climate of society. Pressure and change in modern life has made it necessary for civic leaders to take stock of opportunities for self-education and to help men and women to continue their personal development. Moreover, the education of parents help build better schools for children. A complete list of the functions of adult education may be divided into five types. According to Bryson: The five functions of adult education are; Remedial, Occupational, Relational, Liberal, and Political. Texas, likes the other states in our American Society, has shared in the educational activity of adult training. In this study of adult education in Texas, the writer is concerned mainly with two aspects of this type of training, namely, the functions of the adult education program in Texas and the type of subject matter selected to accomplish the aims of the program.

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The purpose of this study is three fold; (1) To collect descriptive data pertaining to the earlier development of adult education programs in Texas (2) To ascertain specific factors that have been effective in the development of the present techniques for teaching adult education groups in Texas; (3) To indicate implications for future adult education programs in Texas.

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Sam Davis


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