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Every teacher has at some time been evaluated. Pupils / compare their opinions of the merit of their teachers. What the pupil thinks of the teacher usually determines what the parents think. What the parent thinks usually determines how the general public thinks. It is true that such ratings are Based upon general impressions. There is need for more accurate methods of evaluating teachers. School officials should strive to be able to state the ability and the accomplishments of the teacher in quantitative and objective terms. In as much as teachers are being evaluated, the teacher should be able to evaluate himself. In the organization of modern education, it is expected that the teacher continually improve himself. The teacher who continues to grow in understanding, and in his philosophy of education and of life, will be a better leader of youth than the teacher who does not eagerly and continually seek new ideas.

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The question naturally arises how may a teacher grow? Is growth limited to the young teacher? Is it possible for one to grow in service with limited means for, travel, school, and the purchasing of literature and other materials for professional growth? Is it possible to keep up with the stages of professional education in a society that is ever-changing and as scientific as ours of today?

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D.I. Burdine

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A.C. Preston

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A.C. Preston

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J. H. Windom

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Johnnie Lee Gaston, Veorea Hardeman, Thelraa Lee Peters


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