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The purposes of this study are, first, to determine the educational procedures involved in the organization of the Sabine Farms Agricultural Cooperatives, and second, to present certain facts that may be applied to similar situations in other communities where there is a possibility of the organization of agricultural cooperatives through educational procedures in such channels as creating desires on the part of farmers to work cooperatively for increased economic, social, and educational advantages. It Is hoped that professional agricultural leaders, as well as laymen, will find this information practical and helpful.

Statement of the Problem

Under the present economic conditions in America, it is a fundamental principle that successful business organization among farmers must be founded for those enterprises engaged in by the farmers. Up to the present time, it has not been a general, but rather, it has been a rare practice for the average or small farmers to organize themselves for business purposes. One cannot say why this laxity exists the rarity of the organization of farmers for economic purposes. Whether the farmers are lazy, lack information as to the importance of such organizations, or whether the farmers do not have the necessary guiding forces in the form of information or individuals cannot be determined. At any rate, the problem exists. A solution for this problem is gravely needed.

Scope. Sources, and Methods of Obtaining Data

In this paper, the writer is concerned with the Sabine Farms Cooperatives only. The materials used in compiling this work were obtained from the W. R, Banks Library, Consumers Cooperative Association, Cooperative League of the United States of America, Cooperative Publishers Association, the Organization and Cooperative Marketing Specialist of the Texas Agricultural and Mechanical College Extension Service, National Cooperative Incorporated, and numerous inquiry forms carried to the Supervisor of the Sabine Farms and to the Manager of the Sabine Farms Agricultural Cooperatives.

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E. M. Norris

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E. M. Norris


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