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The Physical Education program of today is the product of a long historical evolution. In the dawn of man's existence, he developed certain patterns of movement which enabled him to survive the multiple hazards of his environment. He walked, ran, jumped, climbed, threw, and caught? all the activities of his daily existence were a repetition of these motor movements. These movements remain basic to human motor activities today? generally referred to as man's racial characteristics. Modern physical education has been influenced by the racial characteristics of man and the environment that have affected him throughout history. Knowing how primitive man reacted to certain stimuli and the understanding of the nature of his society enabled the teacher of physical education to be aware of the attitudes of the student toward physical education in this present day's educative process. This study attempts to point up and to discover the attitudes of a segment of the population at Prairie View A. and M, College toward physical education.

She Statement of the Problem

The writer undertook this task because it is felt that it is a much-needed one. It has been found that many persons, both faculty and students, feel that it is a waste of time to have students take physical education. The survey is done in an attempt to reveal their candid opinions concerning this attitude and the basis for the pone.

Importance of the Study

Physical Education is an important part of general education. However, like any other subject, Physical Education loses many of its true values if it is separated from other subjects of the general curriculum. The importance of the study is to analyze the stated attitudes toward physical education as well as to reveal the attitudes that are being developed toward Physical Education at Prairie View A. and M. College, Prairie View, Texas.

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Leroy Moore

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Samuel Lindsey

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Samuel Lindsey

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Emma D. Morris


Prairie View Agricultural and Mechanical College


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