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This study was undertaken in an attempt to provide useful facts on the history and development of the Prairie View Training School.

Any institution or movement can be carefully understood and appreciated when its origin is known.

In making this study it has been found that no data has been compiled on the complete development of the Training School. The facts to be considered are those having to do with the development of the School from 1916-46. There are two periods considered in this historical study. The first period extends from (1916-1936). The second period extends from (1936-1946).

The problem of this study is to determine the answer to the question, namely: What type of public educational organization has Prairie View Training School used prior and up to 1946? To solve this problem an attempt has been made to answer the following questions: 1. What historical developments have influenced the beginning of Public Education in the Prairie View Training School? 2. What have been the outstanding characteristics of the organization of the Prairie View Training School since 1916?1

The purpose of this study is to provide all facts available on the development of the Prairie View Training School. An attempt has been made to set forth the development of the school from the date of its organization to the present. Since there has been no organized study of its development, it is felt that a history of its development and curriculum offerings over a thirty-year period may prove an inspiration to those who may read it.

It is also hoped that this study may be used as a reference in the University and the Training School libraries to show changes in the school's development.

1W. L. D. Johnson, Sr., "Organization of the Public Schools in Houston, Texas", Unpublished Master's Thesis, p. 3.

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J. M. Drew


Prairie View University


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