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The writer is attempting to devise some methods where by the conditions of recreation in the rural can be improved. From the study of a community, I found that the reason recreation has been neglected is because the people in the rural have such difficulty in making a living and must spend so much of their time in this important effect that no time is left for organized recreation.

The principle occupation carried on in this community is farming. All of the families are tenants, living in small houses, located near each other.

They rise before day in order to have the milking finished in time to be ready to go to the field by time the Sun has risen. The families work six and one-half days out of a week from Sun to Sun, with one hour each day for noon period. On Saturday evenings, the men go to town to buy groceries for the next week, and their wives and children are left at home to do such work as washing, ironing, scrubbing, cleaning yards, and many other things with no time for play whatsoever. Since the parents have formed the habit of "All work and no play", they have not stopped to realize the value of play to children. I feel some form of play should be organized in this community so other communities with similar conditions will see the need of play for their children, and will be interested in devising some methods of recreation for the pupils.

Since the only time the pupils have to play is at school, then it should become the duty of the teacher to plan play in her program, and so organize it that the pupils will get the value play is expected to give. Therefore, I am attempting to show the value of play and devise some standard form of recreation which will be in accord with modern physical education and meet the need of rural children.


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