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This thesis has been written to show the development of extra-curricular activities in Booker T. Washington High School in Dallas. The title being, "A study of Extracurricular Activities in Booker T. Washington High School in Dallas." I shall attempt to show the improvement of activities in the past six years; the trend and plan for the future. In this thesis the terms are defined as follows; "Study" means to carefully investigate. "Extra-curricular activities are defined as those activities outside of the traditional curriculum. Using the expression in its narrower and more correct sense it would include only those activities carried on apart from the course of study as planned and constructed by the administrators and teachers of the school, but the expression is used rather loosely today so that it often includes activities engaged in under the direction of the teacher in connection with the regular classwork in many branches of the curriculum. Many times they are referred to as semi-curricular or intra-curricular. These activities have gained recognition among educators as a vital part of every high school program intended to train our boys and girls to take their places In the democracy of the world. Frequently has there come forth the statement that the success of American civilization depends on the capacity and desire of the people to maintain democracy which is government of the people, by the people, for the people. The essential idea in a democracy Is that of respect for personality. The development of personalities and regard for democracy are two goals of such consequence that they merit consideration in any high school program. These two goals have served in an attempt to develop or create a new vital philosophy of education, Purely there are several "new educational plans" within the country but in each instance, one only finds the same old machine merely dressed with new gadgets. Hence, a philosophy centered around an activities approaches suggest and embrace two points: first, that the student still will retain and make a permanent part of his own life only those matters which have been made real through some act of creation on his part; and second, that no education has any permanent value whatsoever unless the students take an active part, not a passive part.

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Geo. W, Reeves

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G. L. Harrison

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G. L. Harrison


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