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Before beginning a discussion that places so much emphasis on rural schools, I think a definition of the term, rural school, is essential. The rural school, as here understood, is one which is primarily concerned with the education of children on farms. The typical rural school is of the one-teacher type, although schools employing several teachers may well be included. The function of the rural school, "The objective of all effort for the improvement of rural education, must be if we hold allegiance to our American ideals, that the educational opportunities provided for children living in rural areas of our country be made the equivalent of those offered to children living in the most favored urban communities. The primary function of the rural school is explicitly recognized to be the provision of a standard education for rural children and youth, to which all other efforts are to be subordinated. This is the chief community service of the school as well as its fundamental educational objective. The best service of the school to the community, in other words, must always be found in the proper discharge of its specific educational function, that is, in making itself a good school for the education of its pupils.

Method of Securing Information: - In order to get a definite basis for formulating a supervisory program, it was very necessary to make a detailed study of the existing conditions of the schools and homes in the rural communities of Montgomery County. The study was limited to fourteen rural schools ranging from the one-type teacher school to schools employing as many as eight or more teachers, fourteen rural communities in which these schools are located, and the teachers who were employed in these schools.

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