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The writer, who established this much-needed institution in nineteen hundred and twenty-seven, has worked untiringly over this period of time to give the community a first-class institution to train the children of kindergarten and pre-school years, realizing as she says; "A good kindergarten department is the real foundation of an effective life in child education," The kindergarten is the first step between home and school. It takes the child from home training into wider social training# "It fosters healthy bodies, alert minds, skilled eyes and hands, and the ability to work with others and so lays the basis for schoolwork. The Negro race must encourage the kindergarten movement among its group, knowing as we do that the pre-school child represents our greatest undeveloped resource. The psychology of childhood demands that we begin early to put theory into practice, and train the child, as we know we should do. There is no question in the mind of anyone who is acquainted with child psychology but that the best thing that one can do for children from three to six years of age is to place them in the kindergarten under well-trained teachers. It is advocated to be the most desirable thing for the little people of our homes and country. This institution supplies a center for children, for social activities, a nucleus around which may gather some of the best and highest interests of the community. For the valuable suggestions, helps, and advice in the preparation of this thesis the writer is deeply indebted to Miss Dorothy Burdine, Instructor in the Department of Education, Prairie View State College, Prairie View, Texas.

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Dorothy Burdine


Prairie View State Normal and Industrial College


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