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Since health is directed to a certain degree, it should be made possible for one to engage in interesting and worthwhile experiences which will contribute to the growth of the individual in desire and ability of acquiring those habits of behavior, ideas and attitudes relating to health which will enable him to live most and serve best.

Some means must be provided whereby the youngest child on the school roll could have a practical personal interpretation on health.

Is it not universally accepted educational principle that we learn to do by doing? Then, only a moment's consideration is sufficient to see the value of instilling in the child's mind simple rules and regulations which promote health.

We accepted the idea that a child can learn to read and write when he becomes ready for such activities. We see this is readiness and its fruits developing at an early age.

If we allow ourselves to be carried along thus far in the modern educational trend, we should not allow ourselves to become victorian where child health is concerned.

When the child becomes ready to participate in other school activities, he is ready to share in the health educational program.

These and other facts have been fully realized, hence, teaching health in the Arlington Heights Public School was done primarily to provide opportunities not only for the child to learn the prerequisite for good habits of health, but also to provide him with daily experiences which will bring as the reward for each education.

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E. J. Anderson


Prairie View State Normal and Industrial College


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