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Every child should have the privilege of having good nutrition. It is well known that sufficient quantity of good and wholesome food is the "body's first need. The famous Bill of Rights for children created by President Herbert Hoover, states that there should be no child in America to suffer from undernourishment. Many diseases may be traced to some fault in the diet or food habits of the individual. The underlying causes of malnutrition have been stated to be ignorance, lack of home control, and poverty. These are the home or community conditions responsible for the factors actually causing the malnutrition. In fact, living conditions among the wealthy are of such as to cause a high percentage of children from wealthy homes to be malnourished. On the other hand, if one has not the money to buy enough food, or to provide more expensive but essential foods such as milk, fruits, and vegetables, it is impossible to prevent malnutrition. Lack of ability to realize cause and effect relations, prejudices against certain foods or hygienic measures, ambition of parents to push the child too hard at school or in outside activities, refusal to recognize the child's condition for what it is, ignorance of how to go about remedying it, are all variations of the ignorance factor. The hind and the amount of food a child eats and the habits which govern the taking of such food are vital matters. Health and disease, strength and weakness, usefulness and uselessness may be the results of feeding in childhood. The results of poor dietary habits may partly explain the high percentage of children in the United States who are suffering with malnutrition.

Purpose of the Study- The community in which this research is centered is in Brazoria County on the Gulf Coast in South Texas. The climate and soil are of such nature that vegetables may be grown the entire year. A sufficient quantity of milk and milk products may be obtained if the home managers are interested.

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M. L. Leavelle


Prairie View State Normal and Industrial College


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