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This volume is a study of the 1938-39 Freshmen Placement test results at Prairie View State College. Its main, purpose is to point out the weaknesses of freshman students in diction, spelling, grammar, and written composition, and to offer some practical devices for remedial work to the students and to the teachers of these students. The study is divided into five parts. (1) The Placement Test and grouping; (S) Frequencies of Errors; (3) Analysis of an average Section; (4) New Test and analysis, and (5) The Teaching of the Novel. Part I- The Placement Test and Grouping describes the nature of the test given to the Freshman students and how they were grouped according to the score made on the entrance test. Part II- Frequencies of Errors give the number of times each error in the test was missed, before the semester ended the test was given a second time. The results of this test are outlined in this section also. Part III-Analysis of an average Section. Fach Investigator was given so many tests to analyze. The writer averaged the results from the number of tests that was given. The writer was given a number of tests from the average section to study. Part lV -New Test and analysis is a study of the test which was drawn up by the majors in the English Department and administered to a group of freshman agriculture students. Part V.- The Teaching of the Novel is a discussion of the waiter in teaching the novel, "Barren Ground" to a group of Agriculture students. it contains two sample book reports made by two of the students and a model report written by the writer. The writer hopes that this material has been correctly presented and that her efforts at interpretation will not run counter to the reader's own judgment.

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Earl. L. Sasser

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Earl. L. Sasser


Prairie View State Normal and Industrial College


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