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The types of examples in whole numbers, fractions, and decimals are not equally difficult. The specific abilities required to do these examples are, therefore, not uniform in their ease and rate of development. There are thus many chances of irregularities in the building of general abilities. What makes results of instruction still more doubtful Is the well-known fact of large individual differences among pupils belonging to the same class. These conditions make it necessary If the teaching Is to be done economically frequently, to test the progress made in the development of specific and general abilities. This thesis has been prepared to assist the teacher and the pupil in the assignment of lessons and to stimulate activities by motivation. It also presents important data concerning the problems of the student, or pupils in the elementary rural school, also, it presents various or types of tests concerning the general abilities of the pupils of the elementary school, and the rural needs of the pupil generally. The methods by which the teacher finds her best results, are explained, or simplified and so arranged, that any rural elementary school teacher may successfully know the needs of the pupil socially and intellectually with these tests, it should be recognized that the burden of solving the various problems of the elementary school pupil may be lessened, A great many of the tests have not been mentioned chiefly because of the lack of adequate data for their evaluation. Such tests as intelligence, mental, experience, achievement, and many others, which are used to determine the needs of the child, are essential. However, it should be recognized that the burden of such determinations, does not in fairness rest with the authors of the education tests but rather with the authors of the tests themselves. If reliabilities given are at times in serious error, due to the limited numbers of teats given, or for other reasons, their presentation will, at any rate, stimulate their refutation, and in time lead to the publication of more accurate results. In a course of time motivated teaching leads to interest and moral development. It shows a proper conception of intelligence, and a fundamental understanding of the individual and his educational needs. Such questions arise, How much attention should be given to the analyses of problems on the part of the pupil? and to their explanations of processes. Formerly there was much more of this work done than is generally the case today.

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A.C. Preston

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A.C. Preston


Prairie View State Normal and Industrial College


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