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Since the recent growth of country schools and the attention given then today, it is now time to investigate the problems of the rural school conditions and see what improvements can be made on a whole.

She purposes of this study are m follows :

1. To acquaint tho readers as far as possible with the status of Negro elementary schools in the western section of Harris County, Texas. 2. To acquaint teacher trainers with rural situation and broaden their views and methods of approach to the problems, 3. To improve the efficiency of the teachers and give tli© state better returns for the money it disburses.

Method of Gathering Data

This study dealing with Negro School in the western section of Harris County is the result of the author's observation. The author is a teacher in the McGee Chapel School in the western section of Harris County and has lived there for the past few years. To secure data on Negro elementary schools in western Harris County she visited the schools to make observations. she also casually questioned the teachers employed.

Extent of Study

This study is a story of six negro elementary schools in the western section of Harris County. The schools observed in the county were: Hockley, Fairbanks, Lily White, Rogers, Alief, and McGee Chapel. The first five listed above are one-teacher schools, the latter being a three-teacher schools. Hockley Elementary school. Hockley Elementary school has two rooms and an enrollment of sixty-three children, Fairbanks, one room, twenty-four children; Lily-white, one room, twenty-four children; rogers, one room, twenty- one children; alief, one room, thirty-four children; and McGee chapel, two rooms, seventy-seven children. One teacher at McGee chapel teaches his classes in the church.

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Clothilde Curry

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Clothilde Curry


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