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During this period of advancement and reconstruction, we must rise to meet the demand, we prove our abilities to meet and master every situation that stands in our position. Some of our time must be given to clothing and revolves around material, design, and construction. In these are expressed simplicity and selection. In order to keep in line with progress and to help us in the expression of new ideas, "Suitable Clothing for the Preschool Child," is appearing in new content found in recent observations. It is intended that the reader of this study will learn what a child is expected to wear during his preschool years and how to make his garments come up to these standards. It is also explained just what the stores are carrying in the way of ready-made garments, materials, and patterns the year-round. The seasons are also mentioned so that the reader will not be misled. However conflicting the theories, today, are on the right way for children to dress, all schools of thought agree on two guiding principles: self-help and learning through dress. Mothers themselves have learned from days of studying, comparing notes on clothing methods and analyzing all the motives appearing in their children, that self-help and learning through dress are the guiding principles to children's clothing, fo think of this is sometimes difficult for grown-ups, But once you have put yourself in the child's world, what an absorbing and fascinating land you will see. You will learn that a little child's hand forgets what it starts to do by the time it reaches the back of a suit. Once you have discovered this child's world, you will know how to give your own child the right clothing, books, and playthings. "Mother may I go out to play?" no longer has the same sequel, "Mary, come here this instant and let me tie your sash and fasten your dress." Instead, you will find dresses with belts, buckles, and loops.

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