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Visual education may be defined as the process of training through seeing experiences. "Seeing is believing" is an adage as ancient as civilization} it originated with the fact that knowledge first case through sight. The eye is the most retentive as well as the most observant of the human senses. Oral methods may have been the first means of transferring ideas but as we know, all contacts were not face-to-face contacts, and other means were needed for transferring ideas} so we find people using picture writing. The caveman primarily printed the walls of his cave and made pictures upon the walls for ornamentation, and secondarily, these pictures were used as warnings, or to give information to others who might come that way after they had found another location. Man today is yet learning from drawing and paintings which he finds in these caves. A lot of these picture-written walls, found in the caves, dates had to a period before history was recorded. The hieroglyphs given by the Egyptians say be termed as the point in ancient civilization in which the transition began in picture writing to the form of alphabet used In transferring ideas. The theory of education has followed three distinct lines of thoughts (1) the realist; (2) the naturalists and (3) the humanistic. Foremost among those who advocated those theories was the realistic theory, maintained by john Comenius. Comenius maintained that the child could not learn by words alone; he, therefore, appealed to the eye and the mind of the pupil through the skill of the artist and gave to the world the first illustrated textbook (The World Illustrated). This book held distinction for nearly a century.

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