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Purpose of the Study:- The purpose of the study is to show the progress that the Antioch Rural School has made In the last twenty years. The method of procedure for collecting data has been through personal Investigation, personal interview, and research.

Definition of Progress:- Progress may be made along many lines. Any change or adaptation to an existing environment that makes it easier for a person, group institution, or other organized forms of life to live, may be said to represent progress whether the Invention is a new plan or a new implement. We accept it as an evidence of progress if it does the work more efficiently than any previous device. It was J, D. Berry who said that "progress is the animating and controlling idea of western civilization'. "Progress is an act of faith". There is every reason to believe that progress will not take place unless men are able by their skill and devotion to find solutions for their present problems, and for newer ones that shall arise. At one time men lived like beasts in the fields. The next stage sees huts of skin, the use of fire, and the laws of marriage coming into existence. Fire was learned from lightning and the friction of wood, Metals were discovered through the burning woods which caused the ores to run, Men first learned to sing from birds, but there has been a gradual progress up to the present". "Social progress Is supposed to consist of the making of a greater quantity and variety of the articles required for satisfying man's wants; in the increasing security of person end property; in widening freedom of action, whereas rightly understood, social progress consists in those changes of structure in the social organisms which have entailed these consequences".

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G. W. Reeves

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M. Agnes Scott

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M. Agnes Scott


Prairie View State Normal and Industrial College


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