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Surveys of the course offerings and general activities have been made of many high schools. Most of these surveys have dealt with departments other than those of Natural Science. The personnel department of high schools involving information on the general school life and home life of the student have been the center of the majority of surveys. To the knowledge of the writer, based upon library information and that of the State Department of Education, no surveys have been made of the Houston schools with specific interest on phases of Natural Science. The need for such a survey is obvious when we realize the vast importance of the training of students in natural science in high school. It is here we expect the creation of interest and enthusiasm in the student, with the setting of a few fundamental facts. Medicine, public health, and research in Biological Sciences are increasing their demand on, thorough preparation of students in Biology. This training, the writer, believes, should take at least some form in the high school years. Hence the importance of knowing where some of our leading high schools stand regarding equipment, student reaction, and faculty preparation in the natural sciences. This study is factual only. It makes no attempt to make glaring the deficiencies of any high school and of course, no recommendations are forthcoming growing out of the information herein presented* The study is therefore only one of information.

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Walter M. Booker


Prairie View State Normal and Industrial College


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