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Since the dawn of civilization upon the earth, man 1ms passed through various economical stages. Namely, 1. The hunting and fishing stage, 2. She pastoral or nomadic stage, 3. The agricultural stage, 4. The handicraft or trades and commerce stage, and 5. The Industrial stage. Although time has brought various economic changes, the underlying principles have remained the same. As times and custom have changed, man's problem of making a living has changed but somehow and in some manner he must always make a living. If It were not for adding to the historical background of this thesis, the first four of these economic stages, Which man has passed through., would be of no direct value to this thesis, since the men of today are in the midst of the fifth or the Industrial stage The present day trends are towards mamoth industries", "big business", and "gigantic or colossal organizations". with the rapid increase of population has come, also, a very rapid increase in the means and opportunities by which man is aided in solving Ms economic problem.

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G.W. Reeves

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G.W. Reeves


Prairie View State Normal and Industrial College


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