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When we think of the study of the sanitary conditions of the home environments of Smithland District children we have in mind a careful regard for cleanliness. No field of education within the last two years has shown more originality and vitality than that of health studies. We have as much right to demand physical fitness as intellectual and moral fitness. So often the children of the Smithland District come to school when they are physically unfit to study. More attention should be given to the absences of children from school; a high percent of absences in a given school or locality has important hygienic relationship. When such absences are due to ill health, the matter should concern the Board of Health. Absences caused by home duties, or employment may affect the child's mental, moral and physical development. The consolidated school systems, with free transportation and all the opportunities they bring, should provide laws against the absence from school unless it is beyond the parent's and children's control. Sometimes during the spring twenty-five percent of the children are absent from school four or five days in one month because of having to help their parents on the farm. Efforts are being launched to take care of short-comings of such children. A special type of institution has had a great growth in America since the World War, the continuation of school. This type of school is to meet the needs of the child who has had to go to work in his middle teens before he has completed an adequate school training.

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G.L. Harrison


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