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Purpose: The purpose of this thesis os to show the advantages and disadvantages of individual instruction in the high school. The subject discussed herein is the outgrowth of the author*s extensive research in the various books discussing the problem thus stated and the author's limited experience. It is impossible to discuss all the problems of individual instruction for each day new advantages and disadvantages arise, never-the-less the author discussed only those advantages and disadvantages which occur more frequently in individual instruction, Hat hod of Procedure: The content of this thesis has been obtained through research work in the various books treating the subject herein discussed, and information obtained in class. The books used in research are found in the library of Prairie View College, The writer will attempt to show merits of individual instruction where in the various authors have shown disadvantages and defects wherein advantages are shown. The writer will draw definite conclusions which will grow out of the contents of the thesis. The very beginning of our education was characterized by individual instruction, Ptqsils learned their lessons at their seats and then went up to the teacher's desk to recite to him. At the beginning of the nineteenth senary, this method was seen to drift away and for forty years there has been a general movement in the direction of returning this form of instruction, In Pueblo, Colorado, research found that the high school pupil made progress in every sub jest at their optimum Irate, Later the late President Frederick Borfc, protested, against the "look step" in school work and advocated Individual instruction. He attempted to demonstrate its usefulness in the training school of that institution. Many of his pupils have experimented with this plan in other schools and have attained varying degrees of success. Superintend ant Carle ton Washburaa, at Winnetka used this plan in the elementary schools and his success was great.

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