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Until recent years, parents have thought little about habit formation and its importance in the lives of young children. Habit formation for young children centers about such processes as elimination, eating, sleeping, dressing, and playing. These habits are of importance in physical and social growth, and "growing—up" Implies the acquiring of them. From birth, until they are well established, they constitute the axis of every child's daily program. If parents would only stop and think of the time and energy that they could save through the early training of good habits, I am sure they would consider it well worth the while. According to my way of thinking, the person whose life does not fall into well-regulated habits Is merely wasting conscious effort that might be set free for better uses, As the time goes on life becomes more complex, and it is more important that our children learn to economize conscious effort and reduce the excess of mental strain through proper organization of their lives. Many parents, especially mothers, often remark, "I just can't see my way out, with all of this work on my hands." It is no doubt because she has not given her children the advantage of early habit training. Many households are thrown into a daily turmoil because children forget to wash their hands before each meal.

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E.C. May

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E.J. Anderson

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E.J. Anderson


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