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The question often arises, why should there be a separate history of the American Negro? Does not the history of America cover all groups and all elements of our population? There are very interesting and important questions that should be given proper consideration by all persons concerned with the progress and development of our country. Our population is heterogeneous if not cosmopolitan in its make-up, and all race groups have made some contribution to what has been accomplished in America. Most of these groups have suitable and perhaps ample representation in the nation's history, but it must be conceded that the life and activities of the Negro have not been adequately covered by the histories and standard publications that make up our American literature. It has therefore been necessary that information concerning the Negro race should be collected and compiled for the convenience of students and other interested persons. This not only constitutes a contribution to literature, but It also lets the world know the part played by the Negro in the development of the country. The Negro has been a factor of more or less Importance in every epoch of American History. Discovers, explorers, and adventurers, from the earliest times, have included the Negro in their parties and crews. Soon after the English settlers came to Jamestown, Virginia, Negroes became a part of the life of the colonists, and either as servants or slaves, they assisted in driving the Indians back, clearing the forests in preparation of the soil, and were, therefore, vital factors in the early colonial life of America. Civilization has always had its wars, either civil wars from within or invasions without. Wars have come to be regarded as civilizing agencies. America has been no exception in this respect, and the Negro, along with other elements of the population has played a conspicuous part in the nation's wars. As individuals, and in company and regiment formation the Negro has won his share of the honors as a defender of his country and its flag. This record can only be found in some history of the Negro people. Even in antebellum times, many incidents and happenings occurred in Negro life that rose to the dignity of history, and should have been given place in the history of the country, but, unfortunately for us, they escaped the vigilant eyes or ear of the writers of those and of subsequent times, and they were left to be recorded by the Negro in his era of freedom and progress.

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