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The complex pattern of behavior problems centering around social conditioning is one of the little-explored areas on the sociological map. Every student has been and will be involved in social conditioning throughout all or most of his life. Any education that aims to prepare for the problems of personal and social living should provide a thorough study of marriage, parental education, and family adjustments, as well as the more theoretical fields of pure science. This thesis is designed to gain, a scientific, candid, and dispassionate study of personality in relation to social conditioning in order to aid all those who will themselves before long be engaged in creating and maintaining a family. Finding out for selves through give and take method is disastrous as our st statistics show. Schedules run on study of 250 summer school students at Prairie View College, 1056, have gone into the making of this paper; human experience of writer and grasp of subject as it relates to her are sot omitted, A contribution on the practical solution of personality problems which, every individual has to face is given, treating of the values and processes which permit it to function with the greatest harm cay and the least friction. It discusses such concrete subjects as steps and stages in process of personality development intricacies of causation factors that lead in this development, periods of momentous decisions and variance, and dominant patterns of conduct interests.

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H.A. Bullock

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H.A. Bullock


Prairie View State College


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