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In presenting "A Study of Prairie View Students' Participation in Extra-Curricular activities in Relationship to their Scholastic Attainment," these factors will be considered: 1. Superiority of students who participate in extra-curricular activities compared with those who did not participate in extra-curricular activities. 2. To determine the degree of variation in superiority of grades of participants with those of non-participants. 3. To make an analytical study of the variation. 4. To drew conclusions based upon the analysis of the data. It Is necessary here to give definitions of the technical terms in order that the reader will have a clearer concept of the terms as used in this treatise. Extra-Curricular activities are those activities of the school that are outside the traditional curriculum, that have sprung up and developed through the student's own desires and efforts, that ere carried on apart from the hours of the regular school program, and that are participated in without the rewards of regular school credit. Scholastic attainment is the record of grades given by the Instructor as found in the Registrar's Office on the permanent record cards. The Non-Selected Group pertains to all students used in this study irrespective of any qualification. Our Normal Curve, is the graphical representation of the general characteristics of the non-selected group. The Value to be Derived:- It is hoped that this study will stimulate thought for further research. In order that the college presidents and administrative staffs may solve the problem of low scholastic rating of the students, studies should be made similar to this one so that they will be able to detect the faults, in their curriculum. The study should aid the student Personnel and Guidance Directors. If the Student Personnel and Guidance Directors have a conception of the evils that are derived from the over-loading of a student's activity program, it will aid them in advising the student about the number of activities he can participate in and keep his scholastic attainment above the average. Valuable information should be furnished for the parents. The parents usually think that the youths should do nothing but get their lessons because that is the reason they send them to school, but the youths disregard the rules of health and thus they grow mentally and not physically strong. Such an analysis, however, would accomplish little unless the conclusion of this study could actually operate in building the curriculum of this and other institutions. In this way one could readily see the benefits and handicaps derived from an extra-curricular program.

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Nelson T. Archer


Prairie View State College


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