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MAJOR PROBLEM This study purports to sot up a standard of general motor ability for Prairie View College men for the Brace Test. SUB-PROBLEMS (1) To determine the degree of validity of the test*. (2) To determine the degree of reliability of the test. (3) To determine the degree of objectivity of the test. PURPOSE OF THE PROBLEM (1) To develop a standard which will assist in the instruction of men at Prairie View College. (2) To classify men in a program of Intramural Athletics at Prairie View College. NEED FOR SUCH A STUDY The number of test in Physical Education field that are statistically sound are comparatively few. The number of Valid Test of general motor ability is limited. There have been many experiments set up. There have been many experiments set up without presenting proof that the test met certain scientific criteria.-1 Very little work has been done for the Negroes in the field of tests. Russell discovered that there had been very little work done on Negroes. No test was set up based entirely upon Negroes. Russell in his study of one hundred and four test was unable to find any test that would serve as a criterion as to evaluating Brace Test.-2 LIMITATIONS The subjects used in this study were men of Prairie View College. The groups were composed mostly of Freshmen and Sophomores. The subjects taken from the Juniors, Seniors and N. Y. A. Boy's were few. The age ranged for this group was from sixteen to twenty four. The number of cases obtained for all over twenty years of age was few. The total number of cases obtained was not sufficient to be representative of each age level for men tested. 1 - Bovard, J. F. and Cozens, F. W., Test and Measurements in Physical Education, P. 229. 2 - Russell, T. S., An Evaluation of the Brace Test and Norms for Negroes. Unpublished Masters Thesis, New York University, 1936.

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Trent S. Russell


Prairie View State Normal and Industrial College


Arts and Science


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