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Not more than a generation ago, the teaching of geography was all too frequently a mere practice of making pupils learn the textbook, in which had been assembled certain facts without much thought of their social value. Today, we demand that every unit of subject matter shall meet a definite social need. This critical attitude has produced radical changes in the content of the course In geography, as well as in methods of teaching. In geography, for instance, the aim of the conservative school, with its subject-matter curriculum, was to make certain that the pupils had mastered and stored up many geographical facts. The activity approach may also make geography minister to the social and functional objective of a real understanding of the fundamental dependence of widely scattered areas. Human effort and ingenuity have all but eliminated space in the satisfaction of wants, through the development of mechanical means, The whole condition of human relationships has undergone a change, and the function of geography is to interpret that change to the children of the present generation In order that they may be better prepared to meet the situations of life and realize their highest efficiency in doing so. The Scope of the Subject: The word geography means literally a description of the earth It may include astronomy, geology, physiography, meteorology, botany, and zoology. Human geography is man adjusting himself to his environment. Recently, books have been published along with a great many courses of study, teacher's manuals, bulletins, and articles in educational magazines on the subject of Teaching Geography.

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