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The health education program in any school should have for its primary aim the development of knowledge, habits, and attitudes which will help pupils to live happily and successfully. Usually, children's interest in health is so limited that it requires adult supervision and guidance to establish in them correct health habits, practices, and attitudes toward health. The lack of interest in the health program is due to both the teachers and pupils not knowing and understanding the value of health and not knowing its importance with regard to one's capacity to live. From early civilization, we find magic, charms, spirits, divination, mysticism, transference, and other similar rites being universally practiced by the rich and the poor, the ignorant and the intelligent. The truth of the practices was never tested by anyone at the time* However, so powerful has been their influence upon the human race that we still find traces of these supernatural powers practiced by certain cults today. Men apparently have an inborn tendency to believe In the supernatural and mysterious. Since most of the children attending Hebert High School came from illiterate homes, whose parents still believe in the supernatural practices, It has been no easy Job to Introduce scientific health facts and practices. One finds that vodo end witchcraft still holds a prominent place among these patrons. Within the past two decades, an entirely new interest in the teaching of health has been taken by the school. It came, in part, as a result of the marked increase of leisure time. As a result of inventions which primarily save time and labor, we find ourselves being forced to seek healthful exercise during leisure hours and to secure big muscle activity, coarse food, fresh air, and relaxation, to replace those activities of which these inventions have relieved us. Fatigue, which results from physical labor and which can be overcome readily after relaxation is a healthy state. On the other hand, overstimulation and nervous tension, resulting from the complexity of living and the crowded daily schedule, inhibits relaxation. As a result of this kind of living there has been a marked increase in diseases of the nervous system and of the organs. This naturally has had a bearing on our ideas about health education.

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Marjorie Johnson


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