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The kernel of the whole rural problem, as it is clearly stated by resident Kenyon L. Butterfield, is to maintain happy and efficient families upon the farm. He believes that a social survey should be made and then on such an investigation found the whole social structure must be rebuilt considering a scientific plan for the proper use of leisure time. The social survey will determine what the churches are doing for the community, will ascertain the school population is with it compare the school facilities, it will examine the libraries and clubs; in every rural neighborhood it will try to find a live grange active in all economic, educational and social enterprises; it will take account of all institutions - girls and boys clubs, lodges, farmers institutes - in fact, every group where this gregarious instinct has manifested itself. It will Perhaps easy to show possible improvement through wise Investment of leisure time of all persons in community. Purpose of Study- The purpose of this study is to show first neighborhoods and communities invest their leisure time for proper recreation, second, to show how to make use of facilities at hand for recreation, third, to suggest special steps in building up a recreation center for rural communities.

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Rubye L. Rush

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Rubye L. Rush


Prairie View State Normal and Industrial College


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