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What teachers have been confronted with is how to tell facts. That one could present a method in history to work under all conditions is absurd; the best that can be done is to lay down some general principles which when applied by some keenly alive teacher to the duties and appointment of his profession may aid him in securing the desired results. In the book entitled Practical Methods, Aids and Devices For Teaching, Beecher states in the words of Gudson that there are some people who think history a simple matter because forsooth it is merely the telling of facts as they are. I do not know any thing more difficult in this world than to tell facts as they are. Teaching of history is not primarily that of crowding the brain with facts about the past; but that the child may live more completely in his world that he meets the problems of political, economical, intellectual and religious life fairly and squarely offering solutions based upon experiences of the past.1

To discuss this topic correctly the writer must state the purposes of this study.

A. Purposes of this study The writer has seven purposes in writing this thesis: (1) To find and present a brief historical background of history teaching in the fifty-two high schools of Texas; (2) to survey the methods of teaching history employed in these schools; (3) to describe the school and community, equipment, and resources utilized in the teaching procedures; (4) to ascertain the preparation of the teachers who are teaching history; (5) to establish the degree of correlation between history and other courses in the curricula; (6) to criticize and evaluate these methods and devices of history teaching; and (7) to formulate a history teaching program adaptable to these schools.

1 Walter Julius Beecher, Practical Methods, Aids and Devices For Teaching, p. 182

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